Sunday, April 26, 2009

Muscle Ramon

Muscle Ramone is One of the Sexyest Bodybuilders on the web.

He has the perfect abount of Hugh Muscle without looking to freky.Top that with his olive skin and Latin good looks and it's no wonder this Spanierd is caliente!!!!

MMMMM...Suck it Papi !!

Just Look at all his Back Muscles. Imagen laying all over that back while he does 1000 Puch up's.

That Body is Killer! He can over Power anyone! Whoever is fucking this him (Guy or Girl) is the luckyest Bitch alive!


  1. Who is this guy, actually? Some even clain he is dead. Some say he's Spanish, others say he's from the US. I don't know whom I should believe. He posts no new videos in Youtube or new pics. Any information will be welcome.

  2. He does live shows on Flirt 4 Free as Raymond D.

  3. He also does live shows on Streamen as Muscledelight :) .. and he's very much alive .. He does modelling too but I need to try and find out the name he uses.

  4. Yes it would be cool to see other modeling pictures of this guy and find out where he is from.....

  5. He's deff alvive. He has a Youtube Page.
    But let me now if you here more fom him so I can post it


    You can find more of me here, i can proove i m the real me

  7. him have smallcok and fake jajajajaj